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40 ans (Moscow, Russia), Ref #17476

Ekaterina, Russia
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Ekaterina, Russia
Ekaterina, Russia
Ekaterina, Russia
Ekaterina, Russia
Ekaterina, Russia
Ekaterina, Russia
Ekaterina, Russia
Ekaterina, Russia
Ekaterina, Russia
Date de naissance:
Signe du zodiaque:
4 Taureau
Situation matrimoniale:
10 ans
174 cm
53 kg
Couleur des yeux:
Couleur des cheveux:
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I read books on psychology, I go to trainings. I like walks in parks, in the forest, I also like to walk with a child and a dog and ride a bike.
Beautiful, tall, slim, charming, fascinating from the first minutes. Caring, educated, real, tender, feminine, homely, responsible, interesting, erudite, cheerful, joyful, romantic. Patient and compliant, I can adjust. With character a little bit. True. Trusting and always trust. Calm Cheerful, optimistic, humorous, emotional. Independent. Sexy. Interesting, witty, I have good communication skills and I can find an approach to any person, a diplomat. Very sociable and like to сommunicate with people. Generous Attentive Ready to always help in any situation. I love animals and help them. I love to live in joy and pleasure. Respect family values. Sometimes I like to spend holidays and weekends with family and friends. I have many interests and I am constantly developing and cultivating myself. I love coziness, comfort in the house and everything beautiful - this is important for me. I watch my appearance well. I love expensive good cars. Speed. I love to travel and adventure. I like to eat tasty and go to restaurants, but at home I also like to cook. I watch over the household chores well and take this responsibility. I know how to be friends and I have good old friends. I have a lot of plans for life. I am a diverse personality. I know how to give a feeling from which a man feels on the rise “a man has long been impressed by the impression made on a woman”. For me, it is important how a man communicates with a woman, how he communicates with his parents. How a man looks (whether he is watching him) and how he smells of him! I want to be happy! Beloved! The only one! Goddess for her man! I want to live in a big house in the country with my beloved husband (not a man!), My daughter and a dog (spitz). Give birth to 2 more babies. Combine correctly in the pleasure business (free schedule) with the house. In the evenings spend time together. Many, many travel !!! Develop! What would always in the kitchen were fresh tulips (or other flowers). And that at home there would be a fireplace, a blanket and a glass of wine, which we drink with my husband on autumn evening making plans for the future)) And in old age to live with my husband (family) on the ocean, where it is always warm!
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Personne recherchée

Age minimum:
36 ans
Age maximum:
56 ans
Mes souhaits:
He must be from a good, intellectual family. Well brought up, with graft family values: diplomacy, respect for elders, respect for women, punctuality, ability to speak well and be an interesting conversationalist. Well versed in people. Responsible, reliable, generous, cheerful, open, purposeful, interesting, confident, attentive, romantic, economic, caring, homely, successful, tender, sexy, wise, active, charming, with a sense of humor. It has will power. Leader. Sole of company. Able to set goals and achieve them. He knows what he wants in life. Confident, self-sufficient, ready to grow and not sit still. He likes to spend at the weekend in the country and cook a kebab, set the table and invite friends or relatives. Amateur sometimes hang out at home;) Family is the main thing for him. Able to empathize, help and care for other people. Perhaps the passion for karting. Cars - speed, racing, alpine skiing, snowboarding, surfing, wakeboard, bike, scooter, horseback riding, concerts, theaters, exhibitions, etc. It is very important for me to be respected, appreciated, proud, admired, supported, kissed, communicated with me and opened up to me. So that I can tell everything, knowing that they will hear and understand me. It is important for me to spend time together, even “later” to go on dates. Together to stroll through the evening cities or go to the theater (cinema or just a restaurant). It is important that they give me gifts, good gifts, flowers. Provided signs of attention. He was interested and lived by my interests. (also in reverse). For me it is important that a man take my child and a dog (spitz) so they will live with us.


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